Best Gifts for Empty Nesters

By Tyron •  Updated: 05/17/23 •  4 min read

The transition to an empty nest is a significant one in any parent’s life. It’s a time of change, a shift in daily routines, and often, a newfound freedom and autonomy. As children grow and leave the nest, it creates a unique opportunity to celebrate this new chapter in their parents’ lives with meaningful gifts that acknowledge the transition and help them enjoy this stage. In this article, we will explore a variety of thoughtful and engaging gift ideas for the empty nesters in your life.

The Significance of the Empty Nest

An “empty nest” typically refers to a home where parents reside after their children have grown up and moved out. This stage can bring mixed emotions – a sense of accomplishment and pride in raising independent adults, coupled with a touch of sadness as daily life changes and quiets down. A well-chosen, thoughtful gift can serve as a symbol of support and celebration, acknowledging this profound shift in their lives.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

When considering the perfect gift for an empty nester, consider their new lifestyle, interests, and the hobbies they may wish to pursue now that they have more free time. Here are a few categories of gifts that would make a great choice:

Travel-Related Gifts

With their responsibilities significantly lessened, empty nesters often seize the opportunity to travel more. Gifts that cater to this newfound freedom can be exceptionally thoughtful. Consider items like an airline gift card, high-quality luggage, a digital luggage scale, travel journals, or even a new camera to document their adventures.

Gift idea: Travel journals are a great way to record the many adventures empty nesters will have.

Hobby-Related Gifts

Empty nesters frequently use their newfound free time to pursue hobbies. Whether it’s gardening, painting, cooking, golfing, or writing, a gift that supports their interests will be highly appreciated. For example, you might give a set of high-end gardening tools, a premium set of watercolor paints, or perhaps some new golf clubs for Dad, depending on their hobby of choice.

Gardening Tool Set

Gift idea: Gardening tools are a useful gift for empty nesters who have more time to make their garden beautiful.

Home Improvement and Decoration Gifts

With children out of the house, many parents seize the opportunity to redecorate or renovate their homes. Gifts that contribute to these efforts can be very thoughtful. Consider items like a high-quality coffee maker, stylish home décor pieces, or even a gift card to a local home improvement store may make a practical gift.

Jura Coffee Maker

Gift idea: a High-end coffee maker is a luxury item that empty nesters deserve!

Wellness and Self-Care Gifts

The empty nest stage is a fantastic opportunity for parents to focus more on their health and wellness. Consider a gift for couples such as yoga classes, or a subscription to a meditation app they can both use, a luxurious spa set, or even a premium juicer for health-focused drinks.

Tribest Greenstar GSE-5010 Juicer

Gift idea: a premium juicer is a necessity for making healthy drinks to ramp up self-care.

Books and Learning Materials

With more time on their hands, many empty nesters choose to further their education, either by diving into subjects they’ve always been curious about or by learning entirely new skills. Consider gifting them a set of books on a topic they love, or a subscription to an online learning platform like MasterClass or Coursera.

Empty Nest Book

Gift idea: How to Survive the Empty Nest is a relevant book that may help with the transition to being empty nesters.


The transition to an empty nest can be an exciting, albeit bittersweet, time in a parent’s life. By giving a thoughtful, supportive gift, you can help the empty nesters in your life celebrate this new chapter with joy and anticipation. Whether they choose to travel the world, cultivate a new hobby, renovate their home, focus on self-care, or further their education, your gift can help them make the most of this significant life transition.